Sydney International Ballkids 2018

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Sydney International Ballkids 2018

Making the Cut

Step into the mindset of a ballkid

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The premise was simple — to share the excitement of being on court as a ballkid
what followed was memories that won't be forgotten

Once in a lifetime experience

Experience centre court

Since 2011, Jason has been heavily involved with the Sydney International tournament held at Sydney Olympic Park during the first two weeks of the year. Jason was a member of the Tennis NSW ballsquad for five years, having the opportunity to represent the NSW Ballsquad at the Australian Open 2013, before taking the helm as a Ballkid Supervisor in 2016. Through this strong connection with the tournament Jason was driven to create visuals that represented his own personal experience of being on court next to his tennis idols. In 2018 Jason was given the opportunity to do just that — to direct a short film documenting the day-to-day life of a member of the ballsquad. As a supervisor of the ballsquad, Jason was in a unique position which enabled him to capture once-in-a-lifetime courtside interactions between the ballkids and players as well as downtime at Ballkid HQ where close friends are formed.

The Sydney International has been an incredibly memorable experience for Jason and is where he formed some of his closest friends — it is fitting that one of the projects that he is most proud of was filmed under the same roof.

Intersecting work and passion

And regaining perspective

In an attempt to revisit the mindset of being on court as a 14 year old ballkid, Jason and two of his closest friends — Robbie and Jakob — returned to centre court to relive the experience once again. Not only did this aid in providing the perspective Jason needed to capture the life of a Sydney International Ballkid, but the resulting edit also served as a personal promotion, receiving significant attention on both Instagram and Facebook.

The video was the first step in capturing the memories of being on court as a ballkid.

Looking forward

After the tournament, marketing hit full throttle for the next year's event

The Promo Video

February 2018

Following the tournament, Jason produced a promotional video for the social channels of the Sydney International Ballkids in an attempt to find new recruits for the tournament the next year.

This edit was produced by Jason Chirgwin and Robbie Szafranek.

This only left room for one more film...

Sydney International Ballkids 2018

Making the Cut

From the outset of the project Jason wanted to capture and breathtaking experience of being a ballkid at the tournament he had been involved with for the previous eight years. To do so was an immense task — one that was fulfilled with the help of fellow filmmaker Robbie.

The following film was directed by Jason Chirgwin with cinematography by Robbie Szafranek. It was composed professionally in Final Cut Pro X with motion graphics from Apple Motion 5.

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Memories that last

Throughout the project Jason and Robbie also captured a number of professional stills to accompany the films in production. A selection of them have been included below.

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