Nepal SLA 2019

Mamre Anglican School

Pure Post Production

Even for projects where Jason isn’t behind the lens, he still knows how to string a story together and has a keen eye for perfection. Filmed by Matt in Nepal, this edit demonstrates Jason’s expertise in the editing room and his ability to work with footage he hasn’t planned or shot himself

Jason’s colour treatment is a key element of his style and fuels his prowess as a visual storyteller

Nepal SLA 2019

The Film

In an effort to promote the Service Learning Adventure to future generations, the edit needed to encapsulate the excitement of the trip as a valuable experience

Immerse yourself in the culture of Nepal

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Memories that last

These stills were captured by Matt and edited during post-production by Jason for addition into the final film

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The following may be watermarked as they contain client images

Filmed September 2019 by Matt McOrist and edited the month following