Professional Profile

Jason L. Chirgwin is a self-taught professional videographer and photographer from Sydney, Australia.

Jason is a multi-talented proficient filmmaker that is continually perfecting his craft, stimulating by a deep-rooted desire to express creativity. He is a passionate visual content creator with a keen eye for compelling storytelling and immersive content.

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Creative Strategy

He’s well-versed in delivering high production value multimedia content, with experience directing projects through all aspects of video production including cinematography, post-production, preliminary production research and VFX compositing.

Jason is a proficient cinematographer and video editor that has perfected his craft in an effort to express his creative strategy. His experience is driven by his passion for compelling visuals and immersive content, and he pours effort and time into ensuring the quality of every visual venture is of high production value.

Daydream Island

Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia


Lyric Video

A natural evolution in Jason's visual style

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Client Vision

Jason has a well documented and decorated freelance filmmaking career and has has worked closely with a roster of highly satisfied clients.

He consistently produces engaging social multimedia content that is of unparalleled quality, having integrated exceptional composition, editing, lighting and audio quality. He has an eye for detail and ensures that every step in the production process is well executed, including developing storyboards, scripts and shot lists to visualise concepts and ensure consistency with art direction, creative approach and client vision.

Product Photography

Some images may be obscured to protect client portfolio

Cultivating relationships

He maintains a friendly and personal attitude at all times and maintains strong professional working relationships. Regardless of the job at hand, it’s the people involved that make it enjoyable.

Actively engaging with clients to develop not only professional relationships but also personal relationships is absolutely essential. Jason is a strong believer in that the best part of any job or project he’s worked on is the long-lasting friendships that result even long after the deal’s done.

Unparalleled standards

Jason sets high standards for the films he produces. Whether it’s cinematography, directing, post production or visual effects compositing, you can rest assured it is of high quality and production value.

Jason only signs his name to projects he’s proud of, and his attention to detail ensures this is true for every project he’s engaged for. He develops, plans and implements video production and equipment requirements (hiring where necessary) and conducts preliminary site research where required.

Breathtaking scenery

Complemented by compelling and emotional colour grading

In Your Time

Finding Perspective

Time flies regardless and it's your job to let it better you as it leads you forward

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Communication and Scheduling

Communication is an invaluable skill. Jason thrives working in people-oriented environments and thoroughly enjoys a challenge when the opportunity presents itself. He has experience delivering under tight deadlines and production schedules and works well in tandem with clients to ensure all deadlines and deliverables are met.

Jason always meets with clients to ensure accomplishment of a common goal and compliance with marketing guidelines and briefs. The client’s vision is always important.

Concert photography

Some images may be obscured to protect client portfolio

Production Kit

Jason has procured extensive experience in professional filmmaking software, including: Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effects, Apple Motion 5, Adobe Lightroom, DaVinci Fusion and many more

His production kit includes the Canon 5D mark IV, Canon 24-70 2.8L ii and Ronin S and has experience working with other related high-calibre equipment including the Aputure 120d ii and light dome.

He has an enthusiastic understanding of post-production workflows, from media management and organisation, to developing draft select reels, unique colour grading, visual compositing, audio synchronisation and purification and final edit encoding. Jason ensures that every aspect of the workflow works perfectly in tandem with each other and adheres to the prescribed creative art direction.

Event Photography

Some images may be obscured to protect client portfolio

Modern technologies

Jason maintains a strong understanding of multimedia and modern technologies; not only does he exercise his filmmaking prowess but he also demonstrates proficiency in modern web publishing techniques. This entire site was designed and curated by Jason from the ground up as an opportunity to express his passion for compelling visuals. The site is designed and coded in PHP, HTML, SCSS and Javascript and includes a delivery platform for clients to access their polished video files as a more personal alternative to Dropbox or email delivery. As of February 2020, the site consists of over 80k growing lines of code, all handwritten by Jason.

Jason understands that hiring a videographer, cinematographer or video editor is about more than just the final product. It’s about the experience and making sure the entire process is seamless and fulfilling.

Expression in colour

Colour grading is an important part of the process. Throughout his decorated freelance career, Jason has developed a unique and recognisable colour grading style. Colour breathes emotion into visuals and is a primary reason in why Jason’s films are highly expressive and engaging.

Jason is a visual problem solver. His work is characterised by indisputably engaging, high quality visual content. His experience and portfolio speaks for itself.

Whether it's a punchy edit, event recap or corporate experience, imagery and narrative will always be prioritised above all else.

Instagram optimised content

Maximising brand power, reach and engagement

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