Personal Films - 2017

Line of Sight Lyric Video

The Film

Line of Sight - ODESZA ft. Wynne & Mansionair

Jason's inspiration often comes from music and so it is fitting that one of his early projects was designed to accompany a track by one of his favourite artists - ODESZA. This entire project was captured on a GoPro Hero 5 during Jason's and is a testament to Jason's early creative spark in the film industry.

The project was captured by Jason and has accumulated over 4K views on YouTube.

Memories that last


As always, Jason always strives to capture stills that reflect and accompany his projects to provide added depth. As the project was an amalgamation of content over the course of 6 months, the related stills includes some of Jason's most captivating GoPro shots and many of them illustrates the early creativity that still flows through Jason's client portfolio.

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